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Reusable Portable Utensils Silverware with Case. Eating out or going on a trip? Avoid viruses contamination by bringing your own cutlery. Even better, by bringing your own set, you avoid the use of disposable cutlery you receive in so many restaurants!

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ZERO-WASTE This set of reusable utensils with case is ideal for the zero-waste lifestyle. Now your reusable bamboo utensils travel everywhere with you. PRACTICAL Organic bamboo cutlery in an organic cotton roll-up pouch holds a full reusable silverware set to go. Suitable for daily use, this portable utensil set with case is lightweight yet durable. SAFER Reusable cutlery is better for you, your family, and the planet. No metallic taste and no jagged edges to cut your mouth. COMPLETE Seven-piece set includes a four prong fork, spoon, serrated dinner knife, two spiral chopsticks/coffee stirrers, and a reusable bamboo straw with mini cleaning brush.

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