Lavender, Lemon & Rosemary Bath Bomb

Store Body Care Lavender, Lemon & Rosemary Bath Bomb

Place the bath bomb in the tub and watch it release a wonderful dried blend of rose petals, geranium leaves, lavender, lemon verbena and rosemary. Organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic corn starch soften and moisturizes the skin and the blend of lavender, lemon and rosemary essential oils soothe and brighten both body and mind.

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Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate ? citric acid* ?French gray salt* ? witch hazel* ? virgin coconut oil* ? essential oils of lavender*, lemon* and rosemary* ? Big Sur blend of handpicked rose petals,* geranium leaves,* lavender*, lemon verbena* and rosemary* *ORGANIC

Handcrafted in small batches with all natural ingredients, these make amazing treats for everyone.

*caution: coconut oil can make the bath tub a little bit slippery, enter and exit with care!*

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