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Local sustainably caught halibut. The fish comes filleted and frozen to guarantee the best freshness. Halibut is a year round staple of our Santa Barbara Channel fisheries. Halibut has a lean, bright white flesh, best poached or baked to avoid drying out.

From: Santa Barbara Fish Market

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Sustainability: Halibut populations are healthy and much of their habitat is off limits to net fishing, creating insurance against overfishing. In California, 50% of Halibut landings are from bottom trawl, 25% hook-and-line, & 25% set gillnet. Your fish this week was caught by bottom trawl. Although some bottom trawling is very destructive, our bottom trawlers are limited to a small amount of muddy bottom habitat. This fishery is small and has fisheries observers and strict regulations to minimize bycatch. Get Hooked takes any bycatch that comes up with the halibut so we fully utilize the catch.

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