Frequently Asked Questions

How can I opt out a type of produce I don't want to get in my box?

 Go to your account and click on 'edit info'. Then place a note in 'Subscriber note'. For example: "no beets".

If you just want to skip a certain type of produce for only one delivery, please send us a message about it before your next delivery, till Monday, before 10 am. We will make sure to replace that produce by an other one of the same value.

How can I make some changes in my add-on subscriptions?

If you wish to modify your add-on subscription(s): 

- go to your account

- scroll down to 'shared subscriptions', click on 'Organic and local CSA bag - Small/Classic./Big. 

- Scroll down on the CSA subscription page, click on 'cancel' for the add-on subscription you want to modify (for examples eggs) and then reorder the amount you wish.

How can I customize my bag?

Step-by-Step Instructions:

You will get an email on FRIDAY afternoon (the Friday before your scheduled bag delivery), from there, you’ll be able to customize your bag.

1. Wait for our Friday morning email: you will receive an email saying that your bag is ready for customization. From that point, please login to your account to see the bag contents for the upcoming week. We only post the bag contents one week at a time . You are able to customize the bag between the Friday and Sunday before your next delivery. The Friday emails also contain important information for our members and new products for the week. If you are not getting these emails, please check your spam folder and adjust your spam settings accordingly.

2. Login to your account. Click on “See What’s In My Box/View Calendar” (if you have one subscription) or “Box Schedule and Contents” (if you have multiple subscriptions).

3. Your upcoming bag should appear on the screen.

4. Choose the date of your next delivery (next week): The bag Contents should appear on the screen. This is what the bag will be if you choose not to make any changes. If you do wish to make changes, please click “Customize.”

5. Customize your bag. Next you will come to a page that will have the same items with up and down arrows that allow you to change the numbers. There are also items that start with 0. That means that you can add them or trade an item for them, otherwise, they will NOT be in the bag.

Make sure to SAVE CHANGES! You can also click “reset to defaults” to reset the bag to the original contents.

We want to be as flexible as possible with our members, but Mother Nature can be fickle and nothing is certain in farming. Therefore, it is possible that an item will not be ready even though it was predicted to be ready in the customization list. We try very hard to make an accurate forecast, but if it turns out that an item is not ready on your bag delivery day, we reserve the right to switch for another item and replace it at the last minute. We will not credit the original item. Thanks for your understanding. That being said, the “add-on” items from the store work differently. These are guaranteed items and would be credited to you if we were unable to provide it for your box.

6. Confirm the bag value. Please note the value of the customizable bag is $30. When you add or subtract items, you may go over that value. If you go over, you will be charged the amount over. If you are under the bag value amount, the remainder will be lost, so make sure to purchase a minimum of $30 worth of produce.

7. Add-ons. After you save your changes to your box feel free to shop for add-ons! We have lots of great items that can make a wonderful addition to your box. Just click the “Shop for Add-Ons” button at the bottom of the screen and it will take you to our storefront. Please make sure to SAVE CHANGES before clicking on the “Shop for Add-Ons” button or your customized order will not be saved.

Substituting produce add-on items for bag content items: Unfortunately you can not directly substitute add on produce items from the store for items in the bag and have the prices cancel out. The software does not work in that manner. For example, you cannot take kale out of your box and add on Honeycrisp apples from the store and have the pricing cancel out. You will get charged $3 for the apples and you will need to substitute the kale by an other item available on the customizable list, to reach at least $30. 

Why do we use insulated bags instead of wax boxes?

Produce boxes are waxed to avoid the cardboard to absorb moisture. Waxed boxes are not biodegradable and therefore, not compostable. They are often used only a few times due to food contamination (wax boxes are not easy to clean).  So we decided to use reusable bags!

The sturdy insulated bags we chose are manufactured, using a fabric made with 80%  post-consumer recycled material which cuts down on plastic material ending up in oceans, lakes, and landfills. The insulation keeps your produce fresher and we reuse the bags over and over again. As long as you stay a member, your deliveries will be made in your personal pair of insulated bags with your name tagged on them.

To keep our bag policy sustainable, don’t forget to return your empty bags to school before or on your following delivery day!

Why do we use paper bags instead of cotton bags for dry food?

Food contamination regulations, water waste and time management are important issues here. This is why we opted for compostable paper bags.

This choice also avoids wasting water, which would be the case with cleaning reusable (cotton) bags. And it helps us to keep lower prices as well.

Please, compost or recycle your old paper bags.

Why do we use paper/carton egg boxes?

Plastic egg boxes in our eco-friendly CSA are not an option. Health policies make it difficult for farms to reuse paper egg boxes. However, the paper boxes are fortunately compostable. If you don't have a compost at home, you can recycle the cartons. But before discarding your cartons, why not making some upcycled project out of them?! Click here to find very creative ideas you can realize with your kids!

Why do we prefer grouped points of delivery?

Choosing for a grouped point of delivery means that we drive shorter distances and thereby lower our carbon footprint. We also save time by stopping less often and therefore, we are able to give back $2 /'classic' bag to the cause of a business point of delivery and $3/ 'classic' bag to the cause of a school point of delivery.

For more information about sustainability practices and tips, have a look on our blog!

Get to know more about our local partners on "Our local suppliers" page.

If I cancel my subscription, what should I do with my last empty bag(s)?

Our bags are to be reused every week. At the beginning of your membership, we ask you to pay a membership fee of $25 to cover the cost of 2 provided insulated bags both tagged with your name. Those bags will be used in rotation for all your deliveries.

If you decide to stop your membership, at the end of your 4 first deliveries, you need to return the 2 bags and the deposit will be refunded to your account. 

If you wish to cancel your membership AFTER the first month (after at least beginning a second set of deliveries), we will reimburse you $15 of your membership, after you return your bags to one of our delivery points - the remaining amount of $10 being used to pay for our bag's use (and their replacement).

If you don't return your 2 labeled bags at the end of your membership, we will need to keep your entire membership fee to cover the cost of new bags.

For shared point of deliveries (like schools and stores): please, return your empty bag(s) to your chosen point of delivery before or on the day of your next delivery.

For Home deliveries: please, place your empty bag(s) on your doorstep before 1 pm, on the day of your next delivery.

If you forget to return the bag(s), we will need to use a waxed box for your next delivery.

Here are the 2 drop off locations for bags:

* on 224 East Mission street (the bag can be placed in the shade, on the left side of the house:  walk on the

       grass and place the bag on the right side of the pathway, before the gate of the backyard).

      * At Goleta Coffee Company, at 177 S. Turnpike Rd., Santa Barbara CA 93111.

If you chose to drop off your remaining bag(s), please, send us a message letting us know when you plan to make the drop off ( at Thank you!