Customizable CSA Bag-Roosevelt School

Store Customizable CSA Bag-Roosevelt School

This subscription is exclusively reserved to the Roosevelt Elementary School community. If you want to choose the produce types and quantities you want to receive in your delivery, this is the right subscription for you. Just choose the items and their quantities on the list, for a minimum of $30.

4 deliveries, auto-renews
Roosevelt Community only
Only available for these drops.
Delivery frequency

For this exclusive subscription, $3 per box sold is donated to the REEF (Roosevelt Elementary School PTO). Each week, make the changes you want on your produce list to receive the vegetables and fruits of your choice. Adapt the quantity you want for a minimum of $30. You can add more: all purchases exceeding the $30 subscription will just be charged at store price.

At the beginning of your membership, we ask you to pay a membership fee of $25 to cover the cost of 2 provided insulated bags both tagged with your name. Those bags will be used in rotation for all your deliveries. If you wish to end your subscription after 1 month and that you bring back your empty bags to one of our delivery points, we will entirely reimburse your membership. If you wish to cancel your membership after the first month, we will reimburse you $15 of your membership, after you return your bags to one of our delivery points - the remaining amount of $10 being used to pay for our bag's use (and their replacement).

    The more you order, the lower the footprint. We reward you with10% off for each add-on order of $30 or more (please note: on the add on order total only). Use the coupon ADDONS on the checkout screen.