Bolivia, Palos Blancos 75% dark chocolate - 1.41 oz

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A Quintessential Local Treat. Tasting Notes: Brownie, Raisin, Coffee, Earth True chocolate lovers (like me) can't resist the local Twenty-Four Blackbirds chocolate's incredible quality.

From: Twenty Four Blackbirds

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This bar features certified organic beans from Palos Blancos in the Alto Beni region of Bolivia. Ingredients: Organic Bolivian Cocoa Beans, Organic Sugar Twenty-Four Blackbirds, a Santa Barbara based micro-batch chocolate maker that hand crafts single origin, bean-to-bar, chocolate out of nothing more than organic cocoa beans and organic sugar. This is to me the best treat to accompany your coffee or your favorite glass of Zinfandel, syrah/shiraz, port or sherry! The flavor of this bar is earthy (for any wine connoisseurs reading, think forest floor) and creamy, and about midway through, tastes just like a brownie. There are some very subtle fruit flavors as well. Despite having a robust chocolate flavor, there is virtually no bitterness, and only a slight amount of astringency in the finish..

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